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There I was, a daygame coach trying to get people to understand the concept of perceived natural status.

The thing is, at the time I was getting others to see there was definitely a hierarchy to dating, especially daygame.

The big problem was that RSD told people that race doesn't matter, which is not true.

They called it a limited belief.

That meant daygamers were so brainwashed, they will go out there without any compensation theory, stacking the value in other areas to get past the 20/35 line of fvckability,

which got so many people not to wear the blazers to look richer, to look more whitewashed so they don't induce xenophobia from women, not to practice social calibrations in the mirror, not to even work out to get a v-shaped body.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

I realized adapt the game to your race about that every race has a different hierarchy.

Caucasian students had 10 points as their perceived natural status.

I used the word perceived when you are Italian for example, you look white, wear contact lenses, you are treated that way.

Even if you aren't black, you look black, you will take on the 8/10 score for your ethnicity.

Even if you are Indian, but look Latino, you will take on a higher score for your status category called perceived natural status.

Asian men are usually 1/10, since other dating coaches doesn't have a lot of Asian daygame laid testimonials, only 5-7 at most, so that Asians actually aren't perceived as high for daygame.

Or you will be 0/10 due to the pandemic where they blamed it on you if you dressed too Asian washed.

So they often compensate using height or muscles, some kind of protector status.

If you are a typical negative stereotype Indian, you are 2/10 for ethnicity.

But if you are white washed, you are 4/10 for your perceived natural status.

If you look Latino, then you higher, same with looking black.

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to adapt the points for the students to get them past the 20/35 line of fvckability.

Depending on your race, then calculate the looks as in height, muscles, face. You roughly know how many points you need to get over that line.

So you know if you need just social calibrations, which is worth 2.5 points, or do you need social skills too that is another 2.5 points.

Making that 5 points when you need 20/35.

That is why it works so much better than game or emotions.

Most people doesn't have more than two points there.

Plus they don't have social skills, but socio skills, since they are socially inept., because I saw that I could get any students laid, if they just follow my instructions, do the 30 day challenge for Elite 30 for social calibrations.

I could teach them the social skills flow drill if they use their bonus Skype that comes with the product..

My plan was to start educating people there is actually a dating hierarchy.

It isn't a limited belief or an excuse.

But it is reality, since a lot of dating coaches using Tinder shit which in my opinion doesn't count.

They mostly have Caucasian students for results not that Tinder testimonials means anything or counts.

Doesn't even count as laycounts, since tinder is like a food app, or like an online auction where women chooses.

They only have a few ethnic students at most.

3 daygame laid testimonials so who cares if they say race doesn't matter.

The truth about your insecurities are, you don't have enough points to get past the 20/35 line.

It might not be that specific insecurity, but something else.

So I started created this concept called perceived natural status. Since not everyone looks like their ethnicity.

Even if the women later finds out your ethnicity, but you look like you are white washed, blackwashed, they will forget what your race truly is.

It is why fashion helps my students get more white washed.

Its simply easier that way, to reduce the xenophobia they would encounter, especially during Covid 19. Where they even blamed the Asians or Chinese for example.

But I didn’t stop there.

I then focused on social calibrations, social skills by making them do the 30 day challenge.

Those students who did that, got laid in daygame using Elite 30.

Those who didn't do it, they all failed.

Game is only a small part of that equation, everything else matters too for social skills, social calibrations, emotional control, lastly game.

It is those who are black washed or white washed are the ones who focus on game, vibbing emotions since it got them over the line of fvckabiity..

After that, I educated them other dating coaches has a race advantage. Some even took if further and status maxed to raise that score.

Building on that success, I decided to teach everyone the 20/35 concept.

I call it “there is a race hierarchy, adapt accordingly depending on your looks and race. Then calculate how much skills in the social skills, social calibrations, emotional control, game category you need.”.

With there is a race hierachy concept, adapt accordingly depending on your looks and race. Then calculate how much skills in the social skills, social calibrations, emotional control, game category you need.

I can now get so many students laid by this 20/35 formula.

But adapting the game to their race. No two students are taught exactly the same.

The combination are infinite,

but the results are the same... 20/35!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

Hey, did you know that it isn't just your overall value, the 20/35 or game??

So what is most important thing besides your overall value??

It’s G.R.I.T.

Hi, I’m John Elite and I am a daygame coach who has almost 500 laid/pull testimonials now.

So, right now, I’m going to share with you 3 GRIT strategies about G.R.I.T and how you can get laid in daygame during Covid 19.

So the first GRIT strategies is, G stands for Growth. My best student has a growth mindset. The know it alls doesn't have a growth mindset, but a fixed mindset. No new information can come in, since they are know it alls..

The big idea here is that you have to be teachable, coachable. .

This is important because If you don't have a growth mindset, be teachable, changeable, coachable, you won't be able to make any changes. You will literally handbrake your results every time I teach you over and over not getting laid like a hardcase while my better students with GRIT will keep getting laid. !

The second GRIT strategies is R stands for resilience... .

The main thing to understand here is that you have to be resilient otherwise you won't be able to take the punches in life. You will get stressed out, will wear out easily. Won't take action.

This means you need to be able to withstand pain, failure so you can learn from them, adapt. You have to keep pushing forward. RSD victims has too much resilience but no other parts of GRIT. No growth mindset, no instinct or no tenacity .

The third GRIT strategies is I stand for instinct. You need to have the best instinct to adapt, which are my instructions. When you argue with me, disagreeing with me, being stubborn as if it was endearing, you are literally weeding yourself out of evolutionary psychology yet you don't know it because you are delusional..

The fourth GRIT strategies is, T stands for Tenacity.

The big idea here is you have to finish the fight, or in other words you have to get that lay in daygame.

This is important because if you don't have the other 3, you can't get laid. Sure value is important, but so are skills which also build value through instinct. But you need to keep practicing it to finish the lay with tenacity. You can't just take massive uncalibrated action, not get laid!

Usually I am right, but you find out later on because of the fog of war. What that means is, imagine if it was like a video game or role playing game. You see the map, you only see small pieces of it that you have conquered which is very little. I see the entire map, your future mistakes you will encounter. So you argue with me due to your own ignorance..

This is key because it is like the general that has to explain to the dumb soldier strategy. It will take you too long to get it. So you are just not doing it, but considering. So you won't do it if you don't accept it and just fvcking do it. You will lose one battle after another doing it your way wearing yourself out.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s all value or its all game.

Well the tricky thing is that while you do need 20/35 points, my 52 year old student in 2020 didn't have GRIT. He resisted, he made excuses. In 2021, he didn't resist, he got laid with a 21 year old, 25 year old, then 21 year old again. Same value, different mindset, no excuses.!

And so I’ve adapted it for daygame this GRIT mindset you can have the same mindset that the Navy Seals has since they are also using GRIT.

The students have used this during the Delta Variant, although there is a new one now when I am writing it. Delta was hard, so they need a much stronger mindset. So it was adapted into their training. It worked for so many students, we say so many superstars due to GRIT. But people fell after the got over confident with results, so they lost their GRIT. GRIT is just as important as value..

And so what this is going to do is fix your mindset so you aren't sinking anymore. Daygame is like a stormy ocean, you do it your way you drown. The waves are due to bad mindset, everything is chaotic. This will get you focused again, adaptive to my training methods so you don't drown. But have the skills to swim so you get laid!

When you click the link, you can get laid.

I honestly don’t know how much longer we’ll keep this GRIT mindset available and prices will probably go up because I already raised the prices, but I also reverted the price for a short time, maybe until the end of this month.

So click the link to get it today while it’s still available.

We’re always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for daygamers just like you who are struggling with having an open mind, being resilient, people who always follow the wrong daygame advice, or can't finish your objective in daygame like getting that lay.

We also have Elite Access, so you can learn to have more GRIT, but today I’m talking about the GRIT mindset, which is amazing.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Have a great day.

There I was, a daygame coach trying to get all the students laid.

The thing is, at the time I had students struggling with their mindsets during Covid 19 for daygame.

The big problem was that before Covid 19, they could get laid in daygame by playing a numbers game.

During Covid 19, due to all the stress, every lockdown, variant, their mindsets became more chaotic.

It was like a stormy ocean compared to before.

Most people already drown, no matter how hard they tried.

They are less teachable, more resistant to my advice,

played a numbers game without learning the skillset of how to swim properly to get to the get laid during Covid 19 daygame Island since they lacked skills due to their bad mindsets.

That meant they kept playing a numbers game hoping they would eventually get laid.

But if the low SMV zombies didn't get laid with 2000 approaches, what makes them think they would get it with 8000 more approaches making 10,000 approaches?

They were reinforcing bad habits, RSD style, which kept them spam approaching without any skills whatsoever.

They doubled down on it since that is the only thing they knew.

Most of these guys who played a numbers game also talked very fast, due to cortisol, autism.

Were highly delusional, zero skills, no habits.

They won't even rehearse it or practice in the mirror with Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero since most of them never made it past day 2 of the course

but they can spam approach without skills like a zombie without any forethought trying to be charming or using Charisma which isn't social calibrations or social skills.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

I taught the 5 mindsets about

1. How teachable/coachable you are.

2. How changable/adaptable you are

3. How much skills you have

4. How much belief you have in yourself

5. Manifestation (thoughts/feelings)!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to score the student out of 50.

Most of the worst students scored below 10.

The 52 year old student once scored that low in 2020.

In 2021, his mindsets are well above 40 where he got 3 lays, one 21 year old, one 25, another 21 year old.

Even if his SMV or sexual market value was identical, his mindsets made it easier to listen to advice.

Easier to be teachable since he said yes sir, without arguing or considering like the zombies who are know it alls who know it none.

He just did it regardless of how he felt since it always led to results in the past because I saw skill set without mindset equals upset.

No matter how much they try to level up their skill set, it wouldn't improve if they just resist, as if they were pulling a handbrake for my instructions.

They will consider what you say, then resist, then say they will do it, give me a 50-second echo chamber of excuses how they will do it, then doesn't even start for almost half a year.

My plan was to start making a post about this in the concepts section, that if they have comorbidity, like sociopathy, narcissism, autism, ADHD, delusions, their mindsets will always be bad.

So I started educating them that they needed to be teachable, or they can't change.

They won't level up their skills that way without the first two.

While their belief is at an all-time high due to delusions, they aren't getting results.

For manifestation, their thoughts, feelings are terrible.

They sometimes have wrong belief systems they learned from other dating coaches about spam approaching even if they deny it.

Or they think it is volume, which they aren't even getting laid from volume during Covid 19.

I also discarded those low performers with low mindsets, they typically are losers who failed in every category of life.

Maybe some are Aspergers, narrow focus are good at one thing, but terrible or rock bottom at everything else.

But I didn’t stop there.

I then educated the zombies that they often overate their mindsets.

If I ask them how teachable they are, they would often answer with 6 - 7/10,

in reality, it is 0 or 1 occasionally.

If you ask how changeable they are, they will also rate it high, even though it is mostly at 0,

even if they say they are trying their best. But their best isn't good enough

For skills they might say 3 - 5, but they have 0 skills.

For belief its often 10/10 for the RSD zombies.

Even though it gets lower over time as they get rejected more and more. To the point where they will express their sociopath genes.

They get rejected more and more they will snap even if I try to get through to them to improve their mindsets, be teachable... they can't

Also for thoughts and feelings, they don't have a growth mindset so they don't learn new thoughts.

They have low self-esteem thoughts echo chamber that tells them they are always right, don't listen to John Elite, you are the expert.

It always self sabotages them.

For feelings, they get offended easily, with high ego low self-esteem.

If their self-esteem was higher, their ego drops due to competency.

So they ego trip due to a lack of skill which raises their delusions..

After that, I remove these zombies who refuse to learn skills out of certain programs where they don't belong, to more suitable coaching programs where they can take their time due to laziness, not being teachable while I focus on the students who actually want to get laid in daygame.

It was like a rescue helicopter if they were drowning in the Covid 19 ocean with a lot of waves.

I throw them life preservers,

if they refuse to use it, then dismiss it, then swim their own way, they will drown as expected due to low mindsets.

Building on that success, I decided to call them zombies since they didn't seem to be high functioning at all.

Most of these people also don't make a lot of money in their real life, fail at everything else.

They literally act like zombies..

I call it “the 5 mindsets.

The higher it is, the more lays you get during Covid 19.

If your mindsets crash, even from ego-tripping after getting a few fuck buddies, that can also lower your mindsets, plateau you due to raising your ego, lowering your self-esteem.

With the 5 mindsets. The higher it is, the more lays you get during Covid 19.

If your mindsets crash, even from ego-tripping after getting a few fuck buddies, that can also lower your mindsets,

plateau you due to raising your ego,

lowering your self esteem

I can now get a lot more people laid.

Yes the 20/35 bricks to build that bridge so you can cross over it to get a lay is important.

But so is the 5 mindsets scored out of 50.

Even if your mindset is 25, you would likely get laid since you aren't resisting, procrastinating.

But most of those zombies are below 10.

Most of them are averagely 6/50.!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

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