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Best Daygame Coach In The World

Has over 433+ Students LAID or Pulling Women Home Testimonials. More Than Any Daygame Coach In The World Combined

I was a university student, who started to daygame by accident because I got friendzoned in highschool by every girl in my social circle. 

I used a layguide but it was more of a night game guide. I used it at university. 

But I left university so I needed to find a better way. 

I really wanted to learn how to cold approach women so I wouldn’t have to just keep getting auto rejected by indirect game nonsense of NLP shit and Mystery shit. 

He didn’t have the Mystery Method back then, but he did disagree with Ross Jefferies in 2003. I started in 2001, I am the OG of daygame


Yes, John Elite Started Daygame Before Mystery Or Ross Jefferies. This Guide Was Originally For Night Game Or Night Clubs. John Elite Used It For Daygame Accidentally Becoming One Of The First Daygamers In The World For A Pickup Artist

I was a university student, who started to daygame by accident because I got friendzoned in highschool by every girl in my social circle. 

I used a layguide but it was more of a night game guide. I used it at university. 

But I left university so I needed to find a better way. 

I really wanted to learn how to cold approach women so I wouldn't have to just keep getting auto rejected by indirect game nonsense of NLP shit and Mystery shit. He didn't have the Mystery Method back then, but he did disagree with Ross Jefferies in 2003. 

I started in 2001, I am the OG of daygame .

I wanted to be able to get dates even lays so I could get laid more.

The thing is I was using indirect game, or field testing every system because no one had the solutions for an Asian man. These were more designed for taller white guys. That meant I wasn’t able to get dates even lays, let alone get laid more.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I realized that race did actually matter. Back then there were no Asian dating coaches and no one that gave any real advice while everyone was using the tall white man's game. I felt even worse about the situation because I kept going from one direct game system to another. 

I read every single theory I could of the game and field-tested it. It didn't work, then I got digital products. I felt like Is this all marketing B.S? Or dating coaches SMVing it? Is the whole industry b.s? Was it really all game? Is there something missing? Is it because I am Asian? 

The problem was that going direct got me unreliable phone numbers and it was a game of value. 

Back then mind you we didn't have texting. That also made it harder too. We just had to call women and their dad will pick up the phone. We would write her number on a piece of paper or our hand with a pen. Which meant I was still not getting the results I was looking for. 

I was daygaming more than 10 hours a day. I bus out to malls, daygame all day then went to Vancouver, daygame some more all day until night time.

Every Daygame System Had One Golden Nugget I Collected And Combined

Every Daygame System Had 1% Golden Nuggets and 99% Dirt Which I Discarded

I Discarded A Lot. Most Daygame Systems Were Dirt

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I started to discard pieces of the game like Bruce Lee. As he said, absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add uniquely what is your own all about It revealed that if something isn’t working, just take the best golden nugget 1% from that system, discard the rest and move onto the next system. 

I figured on a long enough timeline, I would eventually crack the code!

It was now crystal clear to me how to I was getting closer and closer to some progress at least because I saw that if I learned every single daygame system in the world I will eventually crack the code.

I also learned that game itself wasn’t everything because trying to improve your game has its limits. There is a line of fvckability, 20/35 chart. 

You need to focus on also learning social skills as taught by my Pakistani mentor later on who was the only one giving me gold bars in my game. 

You should stop thinking its all game, but work on your social calibrations like body language, facial expressions, vibe instead of spitting out these game sounding autistic Aspergers tactics if you have lower SMV as an Asian instead.
I Was Once Called GamingElite and John Wayne Before Teaching Daygame

I taught Daygame Since 2014 Professionally As GamingElite

My plan was to start learning even more systems, direct, indirect, anything I want to learn it all, no matter where it was from...

So I started I even learned Justin Wayne's system at the time and others. But I didn’t stop there.

 I even started teaching his system combined with all my golden nuggets. It wasn't enough because Romance auto rejected my students who didn't fit in as the boyfriend/girlfriend frame using romance and samepagology nonsense.

After that, I even joined another company that I thought had gold coins, but this was fools gold.
But there was still a problem...

but in reality, I discarded my gold learning this new system and it still wasn't as effective as all the golden nuggets before. 

I didn't understand why but it wasn't Asian friendly, but it created plateaus. My Asian students got laid because of all the old golden nuggets in my products that others don't notice. 

I started to slowly discard more and more of these gold coins which they were more like copper coins.

When I quit, I was retrained by my Pakistani mentor who had the gold bars in my daygame system before when he taught me GamingElite. 

He didn't teach John Wayne. 

The gold coins which I thought was dirt in my old system as GamingElite turned out to be gold nuggets and coins. 

The new coins I got turned out to be dirt or fools gold. I only kept a few golden nuggets to put into the pile of gold.

My Pakistani mentor retrained me in his mansion and I gave me the gold bars of the game. 

He updated my high-value natural game, text game, Instagram and everything else that other dating coaches didn't know. As I became John Elite discarding the name John Wayne

I ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to I quit and restarted my old company which I was called GamingElite. 

Now I dropped the Wayne part of my name and added Elite from my old name. The old with the new. 

I chose to call it “John Elite Dating”.
And you will become part of our Mother Funnel Circle.
Check Out These Laid Testimonials 
From My Asian Students
Although these are only a fraction of my students, they were Asian and to most, this is impossible. Not even other Asian Dating Coaches had student laid testimonials in daygame. Only night game. But I have achieved it
I thought if we could create something that would make it possible to combine all the golden nuggets, coins and gold bars I learned before of daygame. All the real functional pieces for the lowest SMV Asian men, i'll be really happy.

After I got even more laid testimonials than before with a lot fewer students. Everything became more Effective, Efficient, Effortless, Elite. I created John Elite Dating.

I can now I was getting people laid so much it wasn't even pulling women home, but the students were getting laid that even women were chasing them over the new upgraded fashion. I learned from my Pakistani mentor and also their Instagram to raise their status...

I then started to let other daygamers use my newer daygame system called The Sexual Connectio as I discarded every single piece of romance
As a result of all this I was able to achieve the following:

I had more laid testimonials than anyone in the entire world. So much so I had 17 times more than the old company, 400x more than most daygame companies for proven student results.

Not only was I the best daygame coach in the world before. Even more, testimonials were posted today. Lots weren't even posted yet.
After creating John Elite Dating, I was not only able to The 18 years wasn't for nothing. I was put on this earth to suffer all these trials and tribulations so I can become the best daygame coach in the world. 

Also to teach the tools to Asian men so they don't have to struggle like I did in daygame, I’ve also been able to stop discarding dirt from daygame because my system was getting closer and closer to perfection after almost 2 decades, because we can now I have all the golden nuggets of the game, gold coins and even gold bars. 

My students benefit greatly. Although I focused on Asian men, every other race trained with me getting impossibly good results like getting laid in daygame. The higher the SMV with my game, the crazier their results were.
I also got every race in the world laid too
  • Mother Funnel is a best selling author
  • Mother Funnel Owns a software company
  • A supplement company
  • A coaching company
  • Is one of the top super heroes in the world...
  • And has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to start, promote and grow their companies online.
Before we go any further, I want you to know upfront that there are a few things that we won't tolerate...
  • Not For People Sheeps Who Worship Dating Coaches!
  • Not For Triggered Snowflake Cunts!
  • Only About Getting You Results!
And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to start my cultural change to help Asian men in daygame while other Asian dating companies were clueless. 

I also transformed myself too, improving the social skills and social calibrations area. 

Not working to optimize emotions and the game category is getting nearly maxed out. 

If my students follows my teachings exactly and are teachable, they always get results. Depending on if they are an easy case, normal case, hardcase or impossible case. But they all usually get results eventually depending on how fast their mind can adapt. 
If you are approved, you will become an official member and we can get to work on your business.  
There Are Only Ever 100 People In The Mother Funnel Circle - Most Members Renew Year After Year Leaving Very Few Openings. 

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