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During the pandemic, it is important to install the skills so you can use it when they ease the lockdown. If you don't train and practice, rehearse it wouldn't be there, you will regret it

Dear potential students who are still employed or still skillful and earning at a time like this...

If you want to change your life, you have to change things in your life. 

I get it... people are scared, want to hold onto their money to feel safe. To some of you it feels like you are trapped in a prison...

As they say, contract when people wants to expand, expand when people contract. This isn't the best time to contract, you will lose your skillet. 

More rusty you are, you will spam approach and numbers game it harming your health catching the corona virus in a time like this. 

Instead you should train like a ninja to the point when you can use your skills, they are already installed

You should see this as a wakeup call you need a lot more preparation

Lots of you realized that university, or being an employee is a waste of time. The world has changed, you can even do your job from home.

For some of you who can still afford my training, great, you have a job or skill set that is helping you survive. 

Wouldn't such a skillset be important in dating too? I know this is the last thing on your mind right now. 

The gates have opened, but can you capitalize on this golden opportunity since less people are approaching?

-Johnathan Elite
Inner Circle
 Facebook Live Group Coaching
  • Go beyond the products with brand new concepts which help you improve your daygame, lifestyle, high-income skills and that means you get to rebuild your entire life in every area to get laid even faster
  •  Learn through a group Skype coaching where you can be among your peers where every student is striving to get laid. You will believe in yourself when you see my best students getting laid
  •  Sure my Youtube live is very strategic. But this is more of a tactical step by step course. It’s more detailed than Youtube live so you have a step by step plan that is tactical
  •  I wanted a small tribe to pass my knowledge down to like my disciples. You are part of a very secret Elite society
 Outer Game Mastery
  •  Kaizen – 30 Day Body Language Course To Fix Your Creepy Body Language To A High Value Natural Seducer With Perfect Social Calibrations For Every Area Of Your Life...
  •  All you can eat or all you can learn...Improve At Your Own Pace. You have 30 days to master everything. Faster you learn the more you get to learn!
  •  Drills And Exercises, no theories. Habits takes 21 days to change. Treat this course like a martial art instead.
  •  This course works for hardcases and impossible cases. Some people needs to repair every piece of their body language first before they focus on game or they will be fustrated and stuck
 3 Months To Proficiency
  •  PRACTICAL! 3 months of online training is an alternative to a bootcamp during the Corona Virus. Save your game by getting laid faster with skills
  •  EXCLUSIVE! Infield analysis enables you to correct one part of your game at a time – 100% foolproof so you will have less chance catching Covid 19 by getting laid faster...
  •  EXCLUSIVE! Drills and exercises give you the power to improve your daygame skills one component at a time even if you are creepy, unhappy, turn women off...
  •  REVOLUTIONARY! Get new strategies to pull women home gives you the power to have sex with her and get your dick wet. Even if you never done game before, or a hardcase
  •  SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Get to train with me one on one permits you to pick my brain on a constant basis. My time is valuable and not cheap. Go with the best fvck the rest
Text Game For Minorities 
Non Priveledged text game:
  •  Text game for minorities isn’t a white mans text game but build for negative stereotype minorities for daygame. This is not for online dating, but daygame
  •  Get girls to come out on dates so you can close them in the bedroom with your text game and new tactics for pulling women home
  •  Less flaky numbers, less fustration
  •  knowing what to text women so you don't look needy
  •  An online intensive training program. 
Skype Consultation
 Skype Coaching
  •  You get to work me the worlds best daygame coach one on one
  •  Speed up your progress talking to me on Skype so I can change correct your mental filters with environmental exposure. Or calling you out forcing you to see mistakes you can't see
  •  Achieve getting your dick wet goals faster with an action plan
  • Get an infield analysis from the top daygame coach in the entire world to get laid faster. Other coaches stuff doesn't work on Skype which only foist you to their bootcamps
  • Get clarity on why you are stuck, what are the next steps. Clarity is better than confusion when you have a step by step plan to execute to get you laid faster
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