It has never been done before – NEVER! No one has ever created a proven system in an educational environment where, NOT ONLY, would you be able to be highly prepared and ready to pass and get your Cisco CCNA R&S certification but...

Go beyond that, through frameworks, proven-methods, and strategies taught through Coaching – for you to learn the specific process to Position, Market, and Sell yourself as a High-Paid I.T. Network | System Engineer in today's market and effectively control and influence the entire interview process for you to get the job - that is, until Network Engineer Academy.
So, let's start a conversation by giving you a brief introduction about the 10-Week CCNA Onsite Coaching program...
Wouldn't you like, NOT ONLY get your Cisco CCNA: Routing & Switching Certification, but learn the proven process | system that will help you to accelerate your I.T. career and more importantly... to position and market yourself as a High-Paid Network | System Engineer in today's market?

Well, we have designed and carefully structured each week on this Onsite CCNA Coaching Program based on specific methods and advanced learning techniques that apply to us, the I.T. Engineers, that will help you to completely change the way you approach your I.T. career forever.

Seriously, the Onsite CCNA Coaching Program is unlike anything you've ever taken or seen before when it comes to getting your Cisco CCNA: Routing and Switching certification and pursuing your I.T. Career. 

This is the reason why it will be a BIG MISTAKE from your part if you don't go over the details on EXACTLY how the Onsite CCNA Coaching Program can help you, well... that's if you are serious about your I.T. career.
Just to make sure and to be very clear...

This is NOT just another training class, this is a Coaching Program!

A Coaching Program designed for the few who want to become leaders (Mavens) in the I.T. Field. Who want to position themselves in the market place as High-Paid Network | System Engineers, and accelerate their way to earn six-figures. It is for those who would rather prefer to peruse their I.T. career in a very smart and strategic way. 

Are you one of those few?

If so, you should keep reading. But let’s make sure we really clear this up.
At this point I helped you either qualify or disqualify yourself from reading further.

So, can this 10 Week CCNA Coaching Program help you?

Yes!!! But FIRST, we need to talk about the "Biggest Myth" in the I.T. field that will keep you from accelerating your I.T career and the "3 Mistakes” that most I.T. Engineers make that will stop them to position themselves in the I.T field as a High Paying Network | System Engineers in today's market.

I want to do this because I want to provide VALUE up front so you can get a clear idea on how dramatically your I.T. career will be if you decide to join our 10 Week CCNA Coaching Program.

Let's start shall we...
Maybe you’ve bought into the LIE that the ONLY way for you to be successful in the I.T. field with a six-figure salary position, you needed a degree, and many years of hands on experience, but to some extend this is NOT valid in today's market place.
Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT bashing degrees or years of experience, they help you A LOT. But there's knowledge that is critical as degrees and experience that is not taught or advised in the I.T. community.
This alone will prevent you from making the common mistakes most “I.T Engineers” make, and this valuable information | advise based on these "3 Mistakes" could save you TONS of time, money and headaches by itself.
Once you realize this information, you’ll be liberated from frustration, from uncertainty, and from outright 
boredom--to self-awareness, certainty, and empower to accelerate your I.T career!
I can't emphasize enough the huge mistake I.T. Engineers make when listening or getting advise from people that DO NOT have the results that they want.
Always stand guard of the door of your own mind. Pay ATTENTION and be aware of the information and advise you get from people or the I.T. community in how to pursue your I.T career.  

ONLY allow yourself to listen to those that ONLY have the results or things that you're looking for to have or be.

Watch above video to find out more.
It’s NOT all about “Technical Information” There’s a lot more than just investing your time, studying and focusing in technical information, average trainers and teachers preaching the big push for “Technical Knowledge, Technical Knowledge!”.
I mean, do you really think that studying ONLY technical information will help you get the RESULTS you want in your I.T. career?

Don't think so right?!

What else is there you may ask?... Well, there is knowledge and information that you can learn about marketing, sales, persuasion, influence and story-telling that can be applied in your I.T. career that will dramatically help you to position and market yourself as a High-Paid Network | System Engineer.

And let's not forget... that will help you to control and influence the ENTIRE interview process.

Watch above video to find out more.
Now, you have a HUGE challenge that you may not know yet, and that is that YOU DON’T KNOW how to position yourself in the market place to be perceived as an expert I.T. Engineer and the top performer that can get the results recruiters or employers are looking for.
How do I know that?

Well, you just watch the video above to find out ...

But, have you seen very smart, well educated people with degree, years of experience but still unable to find a high paying salary position in the I.T field or they find themselves struggling to be perceived as experts or even worse, being stuck in the same position for many years without any progress?

Well, that's because they never learn how to use the information that they were learning, information that already know and experience that already have to position, market and sell themselves in the I.T. field.

And that's EXACTLY whats missing in the I.T. community and...
We feel your frustration and honestly we're fed up seeing great, smart people | engineers with great potential and passion for technology, just like you, being frustrated, overwhelm when they're in the process to start their I.T. career or want to accelerated and just because...

There is too much misleading advise and information in the I.T. community, and on top of that, too much technical information. This guide you to feel stuck and let down in your pursuit of being a very successful High-Paid Network | Systems Engineer in today's market, so...
We promise our selves and committed to deliver the best knowledge, frameworks, strategies, tactics and information that are working in today's world and that you can apply in your I.T. career. Many of them I already apply for the past 3 years that allow me to accelerate my I.T. career and position myself as a High-Paid Network & Systems Engineer.
Because, if you do, you'll have a HUGE advantage from the other I.T. Engineers that will still play with the same old ways of succeeding in their I.T. career. 

OK, now let's go over in how this 10 Week Onsite Coaching Program it's COMPLETELY UNIQUE and DIFFERENT that anything you ever seen in the market place.
2 intense one-on-one sessions of 60 minutes each - personal access to your coach | trainer Jorge Armando Navarro to move your action plans into full speed and realization of results through Skype.
A lifetime access to the 10-Week | Modules on-demand based on the
"7 Codes | Proven System" of a High-Paid Network Engineer and the CCNA: R&S that will guide you through the proven, strategic way and science of the Maven Network Engineer way.
FULL of REAL examples from over 3 years of split tests, tons of killer examples that are WORKING…so that all you have to do is plug and play.
Customization of fill-in-the-blank exercises, pre-built templates, worksheets, scripts & action plans that are very specific and strategic to each part of the 10 week Online CCNA Coaching Program.
These are practical, actionable, simple to process that will help you to create progress on every step of the way.
For the past 2 years I been developing and perfecting the most complete, proven method for YOU NOT ONLY to get your Cisco CCNA R&S certification, but how to learn to position and market yourself as a High-Paid Network | Systems Engineer in today's market.

Each of the "7 concepts | codes" were design in a very strategic and are completely focus to us, the I.T. Engineers.

Let's take a look, shall we...
Learn the 5 principles to have a Maven Network Engineer mindset and what it really takes to have the results that most aspiring and successful people get. These 5 principles is what makes the difference between being a high paid Network Engineer that gets results versus an average engineer that gets average results.
OUTCOME: Full intellectual understanding of the science of being a Maven Network Engineer (proper mindset to succeed).
Learn how you can double and even triple the way you are currently learning, be able to comprehend the information faster, retain it and the most critical part, how to recall the information that you are learning when you really need it through accelerated learning techniques.
OUTCOME: Accelerate the way you are learning, comprehending, and retaining new information, topics and materials. Get I.T certified in record time.
We start by training & coaching you to get your CCNA: R&S certification, then we make sure you have a step-by-step plan of action that you can follow for the next 12 and 18 months, so you know exactly where you can be in your career as a High Paying Network Engineer.
OUTCOME: Your resume/cover letter will almost "automatically" rise to the top and when you walk into the interview, they'll already feel like they know you.
Learn the process on how to start gathering intelligence and information from the market place (I.T. Field) to find out and know exactly what the market, companies, and I.T. Departments are looking for in today's demand. Imagine to think like they think and understand their needs so you can communicate and talk their language (these are mind blowing tricks). 
OUTCOME: You'll be prepared on exactly what the I.T. Market needs and know how to used it to your advantage.
Learn the process on how to start positioning and marketing yourself in the market place as a High-Paid Network Engineer through storytelling and value positioning. How through social media, content, and the right connections you can start positioning yourself as the expert and the person that can provide the value and the results that companies and I.T. Departments are looking for.
OUTCOME: Simple, be the hunted by HR Departments/Recruiters rather than the hunter. 
Learn the specific and very strategic process on how to build a creative Cover Letter and Resume that will take your current resume from ordinary to remarkable and more important. A resume that WINS, which means the interviewing process is easier, as well as when it comes to negotiating the job offer.
OUTCOME: Your resume/cover letter will almost "automatically" rise to the top and when you walk into the interview, they'll already feel like they know you.
Learn the proven tactics that allow you to influence and control the entire interview process and crush it, from the moment you pick up the phone, all the way to the face-to-face interview through many techniques and even the persuasive process of answering technical questions like a story teller. 
OUTCOME: Completely differentiate yourself from all other candidates by doing the interview process in a very strategic way and precisely to the position you're applying to.
Well, the 10-Week Onsite Coaching Program isn't like any other training offer.

The content is extremely comprehensive, strategic and high quality.
This is a series of 40+, 5- to 25-minute video lessons divided into 10 modules.

All students enroll on this Coaching Program will have access to these advance high quality videos | lessons that will reinforce everything we'll cover about the CCNA: R&S and the process to position, market and sale yourself as a High-Paid Network Engineer in today's market. 

At the end of each lesson we include simple action tasks as the ones you'll be getting each week on this Coaching Program so you can immediately start implementing what you have just learned. 
Building a successful career in the I.T. field and pass your Cisco CCNA R&S certification is a demanding and all-consuming tasks. 

This is the reason why we think it’s absolutely necessary to have a strong support system in place to keep you accountable and grounded. To facilitate this, we’ve set up this private group on Facebook for all our members to gather and share failures, successes and be a sounding board for each other’s ideas.

Let's NOT forget as well to surrounding yourself with ambitious I.T. Engineers just like you.

Just like you’re more likely to exercise with a gym partner, your odds of becoming a High-Paid Network | System Engineer skyrocket when you have help from other people with the same objective.

Don’t do it alone. Get help from a community that supports you, holds you accountable, and pushes you to stay on track and create something you’re deeply proud of.
You don’t need to know all the answers — you just need a community that does. A community | family of Network | System Maven Engineers.
We know how valuable it is to hear from someone in the industry who has already paved the way. All members will be able to join in on interviews with some experts and High-Paid Network | Systems Engineers. 

These I.T. Engineers will share their wisdom, knowledge, insights, and years of experience in the I.T. field to help you to get the RESULTS that you been looking for in your I.T. career.

This alone it's priceless for your success in your I.T. career!
After the CCNA Onsite Coaching Program comes to a conclusion, you will have access for 3 months - you'll have access to Unlimited Consulting with Jorge for advice and a second set of eyes on your objectives, plans or any questions you may have. 

This includes unlimited consulting via email, any questions regarding high-level strategy, front-line tactics and anything in between. Just send your questions in and get a response within 72 hours.
The first 1-on-1 meeting will take place on the 2nd week. On this first face to face coaching session (60 mins), YOU will have the undivided attention to get advice, ask questions about the training, and have us give any comments and concerns about you may have up to that point. 

Lastly, go over on EXACTLY the best plan of action for YOU to follow and execute, here is where we're going to "Reverse Engineer" your I.T. Career.

The second 1-on-1 coaching meeting will take place on the 8th week. On this second session Jorge will go over on EXACTLY defining how to start the process to Position, 
Market and Sell yourself in the market place and prepare YOU on how you can control, influence and story-telling the entire interview process.

This is your chance to ASK me ANYTHING when it comes to your I.T. career. As you’re going through the Coaching Program, I know you’re going to have some questions about how to apply the method to your specific situation.

And that’s why, included in your tuition, to join me as we go even deeper into the material and answer your questions.

You’ll also get the recordings of these calls, so that you can go back and listen to anything that you want to hear again…and because we’re going to cover so much ground on these calls, you WILL want to listen again.
Again, this Coaching Program is much more than just getting your Cisco CCNA R&S certification, this has been carefully design in a very strategic way that can apply to us, the I.T. Engineers and that's the closest thing to having a personal and career coach in your back pocket.

From the high-quality training | teachings to the easy-to-follow actions plans, we've taken extra care into every part of each week of the 10 Weeks Onsite CCNA Coaching Program. 

Most importantly, the support you'll receive after the program is what sets this apart from anything int he market place (private Facebook group and the video on-demand modules), is just another reason this is a World-Class opportunity.
The 10 Week Onsite Coaching Program is very strategic, optimized and field tested through 3 years of hard-work and implementation that I have perform in my own career. 

If you have a coach-able attitude and if you do the work every step of the way on each week, you will get results, I GUARANTEE THAT! 

From the moment you start, we will go over on reverse your entire I.T. career and design each step of the way for you to get momentum and be able to change the way you approach and pursue your I.T. career forever.